In this post, we will provide you with details of the LS Pro app to access all the required material to pass any IIBF Exam 2022.

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Full Course Videos in Hindi English
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jaiib ppb short notes part 1
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jaiib exam free study material
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jaiib study material pdf notes 2023
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how to prepare for ppb
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CAIIB ABM - Advanced Bank Management Syllabus Priority
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Bank Financial Management - BFM Syllabus Priority
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110+ CAIIB Case Study Videos
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ABM BFM Retail Previous Year Questions
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Full Course Videos in Hindi English
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CAIIB Crash course

Now, passing

  • Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exam
  • Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exam
  • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Exam
  • Certified Credit Professional Exam
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Exam
  • Certificate Course in Digital Banking Exam
  • Diploma in Treasury Investment and Risk Management (for Risk Management paper) Exam
  • Prevention of Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management Exam
  • Bank Promotion Exams (all the banks & of all scales)

is easy. All the materials whether for conceptual clarity, practice, or revision, are available in the app itself!

Download now on Play Store (Android): LS Pro (officially listed with the name: Learning Sessions – IIBF Exams)

For apple device users, there is iOS App also: My Institute (Code: gegkt)

Important FAQ About LS Pro APP

Q) What is the Login process?

A) The login process is very simple:

  1. Download the LS Pro App 
  2. Click on Exam Menu, of which materials you want to access
  3. Then, login using your credentials i.e. E-mail ID & Password


Q) How do I sign up through the app?

A) If you haven’t signed up yet, then to get the login credentials follow the below process: 

  1. Click on ‘Not Registered? Sign Up Now’
  2. You will be asked – your name, e-mail ID, Contact No., Bank Name & a password 
  3. Click on ‘Register Now’
  4. Then Login using e-mail & password.

In case of 1st time login (For CAIIB exams &/or Promotions Exams), you will be asked to selection ‘1 option’ from available CAIIB elective papers &/ Scale respectively in ‘Update Data’ Box.

Tada! You would have taken first step towards success!



Q) I passed JAIIB with the help of Learning Sessions’ classes on app. Do I have to re-register for CAIIB in the app to access the exam material?

A) Yes, the app has 4 sections that are:

  1. JAIIB
  2. CAIIB

And you need to sign up individually in each menu to access the exam material of a particular paper. You can follow the above-mentioned Sign-up Process for the purpose.


Q) I want to access the CCP Exam Material, under which menu should I signup?

A) Well, just click on the menu to the right of the exam, you want to access.

No. Latest Study Materials for: Menu
1 Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exam JAIIB
2 Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exam CAIIB
3 MSME Exam

CCP Exam


Digital Banking Exam

Diploma in Treasury Investment & Risk Management (for Risk Management paper) Exam

Cyber Crimes & Fraud Management Exam

4 Bank Promotion Exams (all the banks & of all scales) PROMOTIONS


Q) What are the things that I will need to access the materials?

A) You will need to access the course materials:

  • Good Internet Connection (although offline download of videos can also be done)
  • Pen & Copy to solve the Numerical
  • An android device – Mobile or tablet or Computer


Q) Will the classes cover full syllabus in the video Course?

A) Yes, the video courses cover the full syllabus as per latest syllabus guidelines for respective exams. 

And in the Questions packs, all types of questions will be covered as per the latest Exam pattern of respective courses.


Q) What are Memory Recalled Questions?

A) Previously asked questions from different sessions are called Memory Recalled Questions. As almost all IIBF exams are taken on computers (MCQs), there is no question paper that can be taken home by the examinees. Afterwards, a few generous bankers remember the questions from their memory and provide them. We refer to those as Memory Recalled Questions.


Q) I am new to the banking Exams. Can I get any type of guidance on the exams & study material?

A) Sure. You can contact our representative for any type of guidance in relation to the above-listed exams. If they would have the solution, that would be well and good & if they don’t, they will direct you to someone who probably will have the solution.


Q) What are the payment methods available in the app?

A) You can pay using any of the below methods:

  1. Card – Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, & Maestro
  2. UPI – G-pay, PhonePay, PayTM etc.
  3. Net banking – All Indian Banks
  4. Wallet – Mobikwik, Freecharge, Airtel Money, Ola Money, Jio Money & PayZapp
  5. EMI – via Credit & Debit Cards
  6. Pay Later – ICICI Bank PayLater


Q) I have paid for my course but still I am unable to access the same. What should I do?

A) After successful payment, you just need to logout of the app & then re-login. Your pack will activate this way.


Q) Do you have Chapter-wise Mock Tests?

A) Yes. We have the Chapter-wise / Topic-wise / Module-wise depending on the exam. We understand how they help immensely in practicing along with the chapters/classes.



Q) How do I access the Chapter-wise Mock Tests?

A) To access the Chapter-wise / Topic-wise / Module-wise Mock Tests follow:

Login > ‘Tests’ > ‘Chapter-wise Tests’ > Click on the Test No. you want to attempt > ‘Start Test’ 

jaiib | caiib | exam date | study material | mock test | eligibility and syllabus | sample paper

Then to submit as an answer: Click on the option > Swipe to the left

Submit all the answers 

And then click on the ‘Finish Test’ at the top left of your screen.

jaiib | caiib | exam date | study material | mock test | eligibility and syllabus | sample paper

You will get the scorecard showing the result of your answers.


Q) How many attempts do I get for Mock Tests?

A) The standard no. of attempts for each Mock Test is 5.


Q) I have exhausted all my Attempts on Mock Tests. But I want to check them again. Is there any solution?

A) Although there is restriction of attempting the Mock Tests attempting for more than 5 times. We can’t allow users to attempt more than the default limit.

But you can check out the questions & answers of the mock tests you have attempted recently in the ‘Review Tests’ tab available in the home screen.

jaiib | caiib | exam date | study material | mock test | eligibility and syllabus | sample paper


Q) What is the validity of my Course?

A) You can easily check the validity from the Profile sections on the home page of the app. Just Click on the Profile.

In there, you will be able to check out your Video / Questions Pack Active Status & Validity of packs.

jaiib | caiib | exam date | study material | mock test | eligibility and syllabus | sample paper

Q) Can I download my video classes?

A) Yes. You can download the classes in the app. To do the same, follow the given steps:

Login > Videos > Subject > Class > Click on the ‘Down Arrow’ button you could see on the app screen.


Q) Can I increase the speed of videos?

A) Yes. The downloaded video classes can be played upto 1.5x speed.


Q) Can I access the Study materials on multiple platforms? Mobile & website both?

A) Yes. You can access the materials available on both i.e. Android Devices as well as website through a browser on your laptop or PC.

But you can’t access the materials at both platforms at the same time.


Q) I am getting the ‘Only one registered mobile allowed’ message. What do I do?

A) Although you can access the materials at both app & browser, but that doesn’t mean you can install the app on multiple phones to access the material at all of them. The users are only allowed to access the materials on an app platform in one phone or tablet. 

And in case, you try to login by installing the app on another android device, it will display the error message.


Q) I have lost my phone or android device. Now I am unable to access the material on another device. What should I do?

A) As login in the app through multiple devices is restricted, but in genuine cases like this one, we dismiss the access on your previous device.

But for that purpose, you have to contact our technical team with your issue. 

Send them:

  1. your registered E-mail ID,
  2. Course Name &
  3. Mobile No.
  4. The reason why you need to multiple device login.

On WhatsApp No. 8360944207 & they will try to resolve at ASAP.


Q) Do you provide hard copies of the materials?

A) Because all the material can be easily accessed through app or browser, we don’t provide any hard copy for the study materials.


Q) Do e-pdfs are available for all the chapters, topics or modules?

A) We provide the e-pdfs complementarily along with the video courses. Their main purpose is to help the students revise the concepts they have learnt in the video lectures.

The e-pdfs are only available for those topics, which the faculty thinks would need your little bit more focus. So, they are available for – you can say – for the difficult topics.


Q) Can I take prints of e-pdfs?

A) As e-pdfs are available only in the app & can be accessed in the app only, they can’t be shared. So, you can’t take out the prints of e-pdfs.

The main purpose behind restriction on prints-outs is because of the misuse of this intellectual property & to safeguard it against plagiarism.



Q) Is there any way to sort out the Courses in Store section?

A) Yes. You can sort out the Courses in:

  1. Combo Packs
  2. Que Packs
  3. Video Packs

To do that, Login > Store > Click on ‘All Courses’ at the top of the app, right in the middle.

LS Pro App | Best App for IIBF & IBPS Courses | IIBF Exam 2022

Q) I have purchased Classes in English Language. But when I click on the classes to play, then show ‘Locked’. What should I do?

A) If you have paid for an English pack & its still showing ‘locked’, then it could be because of two reasons:

You haven’t re-logged in the app after payment.


You are accessing the wrong classes.

As our app contains study materials in both languages (English & Hindi mix English), the video classes are placed at one place altogether.

For ease of access, you can refer the following table:

JAIIB Videos
No. Papers Language
1 AFB Video Questions Hindi mix English
2 PPB Live Videos Hindi mix English
3 AFB Live Videos Hindi mix English
4 LRAB Live Videos Hindi mix English
5 PPB English Crash Course English
6 LRAB English Crash Course English
7 AFB English Crash Course English
8 AFB Live Latest Hindi mix English
9 LRAB Live Latest Hindi mix English
10 PPB Live Latest Hindi mix English
11 Free Mega Classes Hindi mix English


CAIIB Videos
No. Papers Language
1 Risk Management Hindi mix English
2 BFM Live Recordings Hindi mix English
3 ABM Live Recordings Hindi mix English
4 Retail Banking Hindi mix English
5 Information Technology Hindi mix English
6 HRM Videos Hindi mix English
7 BFM English Videos English
8 ABM English Videos English
9 BFM Question Videos Hindi mix English
10 ABM Question Videos Hindi mix English
11 Retail Banking Video Que Hindi mix English


Q) How do I receive the Live Class Reminders for my classes?

A) For that you can join our WhatsApp Groups. Our team posts daily reminders of the Live Classes in the groups.

There are other many benefits of joining the groups. You can get access to our other free materials, tests, notes & IIBF notifications and Offers on our courses!

To join, you can either: 

  • Click on the ‘WhatsApp Group’ button in the options tab 


  • Message us on our WhatsApp No: 8360944207 for the same.


Q) What if my query is not listed in any of the above points?

A) You can reach us for any query related to Study materials or video classes as well as offers on JAIIB, CAIIB, Other IIBF Certification Exams or Bank Promotion Exams on our WhatsApp No.: 8360944207

You can even use ‘Contact us’ section in the app. You can call or WhatsApp at the given No. 8360944207 within our working hours i.e. 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

If by any means your query remains un-resolved due to timing issues, our representative will most probably get in contact with you by the next working day.

For daily free bank updates, Join Us

We wish all the best for your Exams!

Team: Learning Sessions


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