JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (PPB, AFB & LRB) for JAIIB Exams 2022 | PDF Download

JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (PPB, AFB & LRB) for JAIIB Exam 2022 | PDF Download

As you prepare for the JAIIB Exams 2022 conducted by IIBF you might be in search of the questions that have been asked in the previous examinations of JAIIB so far. Previous Year Questions will not only help you to know the kind & level of questions that IIBF expects its Junior Associate to answer but these questions also help you in your revision for the JAIIB Exams! 

So, don’t worry! You have reached the right place because we have got what you are looking for. You can easily download the Previous Year Questions of all the 3 subjects (Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting & Finance for Banking and Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking) of JAIIB Exams here in this article.

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These previous year’s questions will help you in understanding the JAIIB Exam pattern 2022 and the level of difficulty of the JAIIB Exam that its papers usually possess. 


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As you may know, IIBF JAIIB Exams 2022 are going to be conducted at the below dates for the JAIIB exams:

Paper No. Subject of Jaiib Jaiib Exam Date

Principles and Practices of Banking


Accounting & Finance for Bankers


Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking



You can also check out the official notification of Exam dates for JAIIB issued on from the given link:- JAIIB 2022 EXAM OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION

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Given below are the links from where you can download the pdf files of JAIIB Previous Year Questions with just one click:- 

JAIIB – Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)
PPB Sample Questions for Jan 2022 JAIIB Click Here
JAIIB – Accounting and Finance for Bankers (AFB)
AFB Sample Questions for Jan 2022 JAIIB Click Here
JAIIB – Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking (LRAB)
LRB Sample Questions for Jan 2022 JAIIB Click Here


You can also go through the following important questions while you download the JAIIB previous year questions pdf to check your standing on your preparations. These questions for JAIIB 2022 have been specifically selected to test the level of your preparations:


JAIIB QUESTIONS of PPB or Principles and Practices of Banking for JAIIB MCQs
No. Questions from JAIIB – PPB Answer
1 Which of the following is the best operable within a ‘first to market’ scenario even though there would be a few competitors within the company industry?

a. Elasticities

b. Market skimming

c. Market penetration

d. Marketing research

2 Who can’t issue CDs?

a. LABs

b. RRBs

c. Both a & b

d. None of these

3 What do you mean by golden parachute?

a. Attractive benefits that are given to top executives of the company at the time of targets acquisition

b. Attractive benefits that are given to clerical staff and subordinate staff of the company at the time of target acquisition

c. Attractive benefits that are given to top executives of acquirer company at the time of target acquisition

d. Attractive benefits that are given to clerical staff and subordinate staff of acquirer company at the time of target acquisition

4 A bank wishes to undertake an insurance business. Whose permission is necessary before the commencement of business of insurance?

a. Life Insurance Corporation of India

b. General Insurance Corporation of India

c. Insurance regulatory and development authority

d. Reserve Bank of India

5 In periods of boom, which leads to economic instability Reserve Bank does not resort to …… 

(i) Selling of 1st class securities in RBIs precession in the market, to reduce the supply of money as a measure of open market operations

(ii) Buying of securities (approved) in the market as a measure

of open market operations

(iii) Increasing the rate of the bank as a measure of open market operations

a. Only (i) and (ii)

b. Only (i) and (iii)

c. Only (ii) and (iii)

d. (i), (ii), and (iii)

6 What is meant by A/B testing in the field of marketing?

a. Testing of two different products

b. Testing two versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response

c. Clinical testing of medical products before legally allowing them for sale d. Testing via two mediums, such as radio and television

7 The mandate given by the illiterate account holder should be

a. Attested by a manager who confirms and certifies the same.

b. Attested by Notary public or Magistrate.

c. It is enough if we ask for a Mandate letter with LTI that has to be attested by an authorized official.

d. We cannot accept a mandate from an illiterate customer at all.

8 Retailer store that carries a deep assortment of specialty product line and customers are served by knowledgeable staff is classified as ……

a. Category killer

b. Discount killer

c. Limited inbound retailers

d. Limited outbound retailers

9 In respect of Regional Rural Banks, the shareholding pattern is:

a. Central Government 50%, State Government 35%, Sponsoring Bank 15%

b. Central Government 50%, State Government 15%, Sponsoring Bank 35%

c. Central Government 15%, State Government 35%, Sponsoring Bank 50%

d. Central Government 35%, State Government 50%, Sponsoring Bank 15%

10 A result of a computer virus cannot lead to what of the following?

a. Disk Crash

b. MotherBoard Crash

c. Corruption of program

d. Deletion of files 



Important Topic:- JAIIB AFB STUDY MATERIAL 2022 – Accounting & Finance for Bankers

JAIIB IMPORTANT MCQs of AFB or Accounting & Finance for Banking 

No. Questions from JAIIB – AFB Answer
1 A company came out with a public issue of 15 lakh shares of Rs.10 each payable as application money @ Rs.3 and allotment money @ Rs.3. The final call amount has also been called which has not been received on 600 shares. In this problem, what would be the amount that would be credited to capital reserve after forfeiture of shares?

a. Rs.24000

b. Rs.36000

c. Rs.18000

d. Rs.6000

2 While accounts are transferred from one branch to another, the receiving branch is expected to comply with KYC Norms. Which one of the following is correct in this regard?


a. Detailed verification of Customer Profile as received from the earlier branch is to be done with caution & if required, fresh details are to be obtained

b. Fresh details are to be obtained and a fresh customer profile is required to be prepared

c. No transaction is to be permitted for the first 6 months till the customer is fully known to the bank

d. Detailed verification is not needed but the A/C is opened immediately and informed to the customer

3 A woman invests some money partly in 4% stock at 120 and partly in 3% stock at 96. To get equal dividends from both, she must invest the money in the ratio of?

a. 2:3

b. 3:4

c. 4:5

d. 15:16

4 The Receipts & Payment a/c of a cricket club shows the following details -Subscriptions:

The current received Rs. 21,000 Arrears received Rs. 1,000 Advance received Rs. 1,600 There are 1,200 members each of them paying an annual subscription of Rs. 20. The amount to be credited to Income & Expenditure a/c will be ……

a. Rs. 21,600

b. Rs. 22,600

c. Rs. 23,600

d. Rs. 24,000

5 Firm ‘A’ has a Return on Equity or ROE equal to 24%, while firm ‘B’ has an ROE of 15% during the same year. Both firms have a total debt ratio equal to 0.7. Firm ‘A’ has an asset turnover ratio of 0.8, while firm ‘B’ has an asset turnover ratio equal to 0.3. From this, we know that……

a. Firm ‘A’ has a higher profit margin than the firm ‘B’

b. Firm ‘B’ has a higher profit margin than the firm ‘A’

c. Firm ‘A’ and ‘B’ have the same profit margin

d. Firm ‘A’ has a higher equity multiplier than firm ‘B’

6 Given: Maximum value of production and minimum value of production is 10,000 and 5000 units respectively. The maximum total cost is Rs. 25,000.00 and the minimum total cost is Rs. 15,000.00. Determine total fixed cost (FC) and per unit marginal cost (MC).

a. Rs. 2 per unit, Rs. 5,000.00

b. Rs. 5 per unit, Rs. 2000.00

c. Rs. 10 per unit, Rs. 10,000.00

d. None of the above

7 A and B are in need of funds on 1.1.2019. A drew a bill for 2,00,000 for 6 months on B. On 4.1.2019 A got the bill discounted at 10% p.a. and remitted 40% of the proceeds to B. The cheque sent to B is for what amount?

a. 80,000

b. 72,000

c. 76,000

d. 70,000

8 Non-financial information is not recorded in accounts due to ……

a. accrual concept

b. entity concept

c. dual aspect concept

d. money measurement concept

9 A moneylender lent some amount to a trader @ 8% p.a. After 18 months, the trader paid the moneylender Rs. 700.00 in full payment of interest and principal amount. Find out the amount lent by the money-lender.

a. Rs. 600.00

b. Rs. 610.00

c. Rs. 625.00

d. Rs. 650.00

10 A man deposits Rs. 500 every six months into a bank which allows him interest payable quarterly at the rate of 2 % p.a. Find the sum which will stand to his credit and the end of 10 years from his first payment.

a. Rs. 10,000 approx.

b. Rs. 11,000 approx.

c. Rs. 12,000 approx.

d. Rs. 13,000 approx.


JAIIB MCQs of LRAB or Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking for JAIIB Exams 2022

No. Questions from JAIIB – AFB Answer
1 What is the object of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2002?

a. For effective monitoring of Non-Performing Asset (NPA) accounts in the banks.

b. It is RBI’s agency to regulate the disputes amongst the banks.

c. To enable the resolution of complaints relating to banking services.

d. For executing the orders passed by DRT.

2 When a guaranteed loan is paid by the guarantor, he gets the rights of the principal debtor(s) and is said to be stepping into the shoes of the debtor. This right is known as ……

a. Right of Novation

b. Right of Substitution

c. Right of Subrogation

d. Guarantor’s right

3 If a Public Information Officer (PIO) reasonably severs non-exempted portions of a record from exempted portions and partially provides information to an applicant, he or she has to give …… 

(i) Name and designation of the person giving the decision, 

(ii) Details of fees that the applicant may have to pay 

(iii) Reasons for the decision

a. Only (i) and (ii)

b. Only (i) and (iii)

c. Only (ii) and (iii)

d. (i), (ii), and (iii)

4 A private key and its mathematically related public key which are so related that the public key can verify a digital signature created by the private key is called:

a. digital signature

b. asymmetric cryptosystem

c. electronic monitoring

d. keypair

5 Exposure norms are non-applicable to which of the following types of exposures? 

(i) Credit facilities to weak or sick industrial units that are under rehabilitation packages, 

(ii) Food credit, 

(iii) Loans that are guaranteed by State Government

a. Only (i) and (ii)

b. Only (i) and (iii)

c. Only (ii) and (iii)

d. (i), (ii), and (iii)

6 Among the following which documents are not mandatory to be submitted to the registrar along with the incorporation application by a Pvt. Co.?

a. Address of Registered office & undertaking

b. Undertaking and statement of capital

c. Statement of capital & the list of directors

d. List of directors and statement of capital

7 Combining of A/Cs of customers is usually resorted to when….

a. One account of the customer shows a debit balance and the other credit balance

b. One account of the customer is time-barred and the other isn’t

c. Both accounts are showing debit balance, one is secured & the other is not

d. Both accounts are showing credit balance; one is active & the other one is dormant

8 Which from amongst the following is a reason for cancellation of registration of the Securitisation company and reconstruction company without giving hearing opportunity?

a. The company doesn’t keep accounts as per RBI norms.

b. The company ceases to carry on its business of securitization or reconstruction.

c. The company fails to hold investment from qualities investors.

d. The company does not fulfill any of the conditions imposed at the time of registration.

9 Which of the following is an exception to the doctrine of indoor management i.e the person dealing with the company can suffer loss?

a. where a person dealing with the company has actual knowledge of internal irregularity

b. where the situation is such that a person dealing with the company could have obtained information about internal irregularity

c., where an official of the company is acting without authorization and the person dealing with the company, has information about this.

d. all of the above

10 Name the organization that is responsible for the formulation of policies and regulations relating to the physical movement of goods into India.


b. RBI


d. EXIM bank



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