Enroll for the CCP 2022 course if you want to prepare online for the CCP exam at learning sessions for the May Exams. In the CCP Coaching classes, you will get to interact with the faculty through the video lectures & any doubts regarding the topics of Credit Management will be resolved in the online coaching classes itself. Their lectures are delivered by the expert faculties of CCP.

These online classes are the most effective way through which you can successfully clear the CCP 2022 MAY exam. 

CCP course-by learning sessions will include full video classes which have been delivered by the experts to help the prospective Credit Professionals in their studies. These lectures will help in enhancing credit knowledge in bank’s credit mechanisms. These CCP courses can be easily accessed at the lowest market price! 

CCP full course offers top study material and mock tests which will help you in the preparation & enhancement of your skills to get better marks.

Online coaching classes of CCP by learning sessions include important questions and the explanations for their correct answers so that you can have a sure chance of becoming a credit officer in your very first attempt. Furthermore, CCP 2022 classes are available in Hindi mixed with English- language.

Online CCP coaching classes 2022 is one approach to study online which helps in saving time as well as learning from the best faculty! If you avail ‘Our Online Classes’ you will be getting classes which will have all the lectures explaining paper concepts, study materials and resources at the most affordable prices and the lowest prices. 

Syllabus 2022 Study Material PDF 2022 Notes PDF 2022 Mock Test PDF 2022
CCP Syllabus 2022 CCP Study Material PDF 2022 CCP Notes PDF 2022 CCP Mock Test PDF 2022



Learning Sessions’ CCP online coaching classes have a good delivery & success rate. Although not live, candidates get to watch the lectures as per their convenience without adhering to any schedule.

These classes of Certified Credit Professional provide complete conceptual clarity on every topic of the papers Credit Management for 2022 Exams. The concepts will be detailed & cover the full syllabus as prescribed by IIBF so that you can experience the best tutorials for May CCP 2022 Exams!


The faculty of CCP May 2022 Exams delivers all the lectures of the Credit Officers exam with its best & excellent study materials. It is an honor for Learning Sessions to provide you with an expert faculty having years of teaching experience. They know the needs & requirements of the students as well as demands of the course which helps them prepare for CCP Exam Materials.


In the CCP 2022 Full video Course, you will also be getting access to our more than 500 MCQs so that you can practice for the paper of Credit Management. These questions are supposed to increase your speed & accuracy level for answering the CCP questions, which will ultimately help you in easily passing the exam. 

These Credit Management Mock Tests will also give you confidence & increase your accuracy. 


If you attend these classes of Certified Credit Professional, they will definitely improve your efficiency for this May exam. These CCP classes are another way to practice and revise the CCP prescribed in the syllabus 2022.  


This exam of CCP is conducted throughout the year by IIBF to recruit Certified Credit Professionals who have knowledge of different credit functions of banks. This way they are in a better position to handle the credit management issues. 

Anyone who has passed 12th grade, in any stream can write these exams irrespective of the fact whether he/she is in the employment of Bank or not. 

Registrations for CCP May Attempt have already started from 28th April 2022 & will end by 5th may for the exam scheduled on 14th may. If you want to sit for May CCP 2022, then you can enroll for the same by getting yourself registered before the CCP registration dates end! 

The details of May CCP 2022 registrations are:

Start & End Date: 28 April 2022 to 5 May 2022 for Exam on: 14 May 2022

Start & End Date: 12 May 2022 to 19 May 2022 for Exam on: 28 May 2022


If training is taken through Virtual Mode: Rs. 6000.00

If training is taken physically: 

  • Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, & Kolkata centers (Metro cities): Rs. 6000 + 5000 = Rs. 11000
  • Other Centers: Rs. 6000 + 9000 = Rs. 15000

Note: The taxes will also be applicable in the above-mentioned fees.

The details of May CCP 2022 Exams are:

  • Credit Management: 14th & 28th May 2022

When candidates closely study the syllabus of CCP 2022, they will get knowledge about the Credit Appraisal and Risk Appraisal in the concerns of domestic finance or trade finance for international trade & various dimensions of bank credit management. And with our CCP video classes, you will understand all the things of Credit Management you are supposed to know & understand. 


CCP Exam Pattern 2022

Subjects Marks Minimum marks required No. of MCQs
Online Examination (2 hours) 100 50 100
Classroom training

  • Attendance
  • MCQs
2525 12.512.5 25 –


What benefit will you get from the Learning Sessions CCP video course? 

Efficient Learning:

Online CCP classes involve many techniques which are used to gather the candidate’s attention & interest towards the subject matter. Our CCP tutors try to instill the ways with the help of which the candidates can retain their memory for a long time. Our online courses for the 2022 May Exams are very much adaptive to help you retain the concepts for a longer period of time.

Time management: 

If you are a banker, the management of time is of utmost importance because for CCP is also very important because the syllabus of the 2022 CCP includes 5 Modules, each of them lighting the different aspects of credit & its management. Because of the large syllabus of CCP, it is very difficult to cover the whole syllabus and topics if you have limited time. So, if we were to think about the amount of time that will be required to revise all the syllabus again to score good marks, we need a lot of time. 

The online classes of CCP will help provide the candidates an option to watch the video as and when they get the time.

Concept Retention:

The design of the course has been made in the way the candidates can remember the concepts & apply them in their working life of banks & credits. And because the classes are delivered by experienced tutors, the main aim remains to make the candidates understand the objectives & what needs to be done to achieve them.

Syllabus 2022 Study Material PDF 2022 Notes PDF 2022 Mock Test PDF 2022
CCP Syllabus 2022 CCP Study Material PDF 2022 CCP Notes PDF 2022 CCP Mock Test PDF 2022
KYC AML Syllabus 2022 KYC AML Study Material PDF 2022 KYC AML Notes PDF 2022 KYC AML Mock Test PDF 2022
Digital Banking Syllabus 2022 Digital Banking Study Material PDF 2022 Digital Banking Notes PDF 2022 Digital Banking Mock Test PDF 2022
MSME Syllabus 2022 MSME Study Material PDF 2022 MSME Notes PDF 2022 MSME Mock Test PDF 2022
Cyber Crime Syllabus 2022 Cyber Crime Study Material PDF 2022 Cyber Crime Notes PDF 2022 Cyber Crime Mock Test PDF 2022
Certification Courses 2022


There are many benefits for taking online CCP coaching classes from learning sessions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Our CCP coaching classes online also provides a series of mock tests as well which are based on the latest described exam pattern and the prescribed syllabus of CCP by IIBF for May 2022 
  • Video lectures also give emphasis to the topics which have come in the past years papers of CCP. 
  • The classes are delivered by our experienced faculty of CCP who have extensive knowledge of the subject. 
  • Our online classes of Certified Credit Professional also help the candidates to focus on their weak points which they need to prepare better. 


The video classes of CCP for May Attempt will be as per the following syllabus. This is exactly the same syllabus which has been prescribed by the Institute.

Paper No. Subject Name Modules Names/Content
1. Credit Management Introduction & Overview of Credit, Analysis of Financial Statements, Working Capital Management, Other Credits & Monitoring, Supervision & Follow Up and Management of Impaired Assets


How To Enroll for CCP Online Coaching of Learning Sessions 2022?

Candidates can enroll for CCP 2022 May Online Coaching by following the underwritten steps:

Step 1: Visit the official site of Learning Sessions CCP Web Portal.

Step 2: Login using the credentials through which you signed up at the above portal & then go to the ‘Buy Pro’ Section & select the CCP Course you want to buy.

Step 3: Now apply any Discount/Promotion Code, if any from the ‘Offers Available’ section.

Step 4: After the discount has been applied, you will be required to use different methods which are available.

Step 5: Once you have decided the payment method you want to use, then proceed to pay to activate the video course.

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