JAIIB Registration 2024, Application Form, Eligibility

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) is going to conduct the JAIIB exam in the months of March and August. Candidates who understand the importance of the JAIIB exam and want to appear in the 2024 exam must go through this article and take the first step towards a successful journey.

Know about JAIIB exam registration, eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus and exam dates and commence your preparation accordingly.

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JAIIB Exam overview 2024









JAIIB Exam 2024 Overview





Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Official Website

Exam Name

JAIIB 2024


Members only

Application Mode


Online Registration

          5th March 2024 to 27th March 2024

Exam Conducted

Twice a year

Qualifying Marks





· Indian Economy and Indian Financial System

· Principles and Practices of Banking

· Accounting and Financial Management of Banking

· Retail Banking and Wealth Management


JAIIB Exam 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Only those applicants who are already employed in the banking and finance industry are eligible to apply for the JAIIB exam fulfilling the following criteria:

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The eligibility criteria for the JAIIB exam restrict applications to individuals currently employed within the banking and finance industry. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • The candidates willing to apply for the JAIIB exam must have qualified for the 12th exam or its equivalent.
  • Candidates not having cleared the 12th, to sit in the JAIIB exam must obtain permission from the manager or officer in charge of the bank.
  • Members of the Institute who are subordinate staff of recognized banking or financial institution, are eligible for the examination if they have passed the 12th standard or its equivalent.
  • Candidates willing to apply for the JAIIB exam must be employed in the banking and financial industry, and their employers must be members of the Institute.

How to apply for the JAIIB Exam

  • Visit Institute’s website
  • If you are a member of the Institute click on “members” under ‘Apply for exams online’.
  • Carefully read the rules/syllabus/eligibility of examinations.
  • Read “instructions to applicant” carefully.
  • Select the examination.
  • Login in with your membership number and password.
  • Read the instructions carefully and accept.
  • Fill in the details like medium, centre, mode.
  • Click on ‘preview’.
  • Check if all the details are correct then click on ‘accept and submit’ for online payment.
  • Select the payment option, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the application process.
  • On successful payment completion Transaction Details will be displayed on the screen and will be sent to your registered contact number and email id.
  • If the process is not successful/incomplete appropriate message will be displayed on the screen and the applicant will have to follow the online process again.
  • After submitting your payment information, please wait for the intimation from the server to process the request. It can take some time to process so do not press the submit button again, or the Back or Refresh button.
  • In case payment is debited from the candidate’s account and the transaction is not successful/completed, within 10-12 working days from the date of the transaction.
  • IIBF will refund the entire fee electronically.


  1. A candidate has a limit of 5 attempts to complete the JAIIB exam within a maximum duration of 3 years, commencing from the registration date, whichever occurs earlier. These 5 attempts need not be consecutive.
  1. Candidates who will be unable to pass the examination within the maximum stipulated time period of 3 years or 5 attempts, whichever is earlier, will be required to re-enrol themselves afresh. These candidates will not be granted credit/s for subject/s passed, if any, earlier.
  2. The time limit of 3 years or 5 attempts, whichever comes first, initiates from the date of registration for the first attempt. Attempts will be recorded upon application for the exam, regardless of whether the candidate appears for any examination or not.
  3. The aforementioned regulations suggest that typically, a candidate can apply for any five examinations out of the six conducted within the designated three-year period. Should a candidate exhaust all five attempts before the three-year term concludes, they must re-enrol themselves anew. Similarly, if a candidate fails to utilize all five attempts within the stipulated timeframe.

Tips and Strategy to Pass IIBF JAIIB Exam 2024


JAIIB Exam 2024 Syllabus

Paper I: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System

Module A- Indian Economic Architecture

Module B – Economic Concepts Related to Banking

Module C – Indian Financial Architecture

Module D – Financial Products and Services

Paper II: Principles and Practices of Banking 

Module A – General Banking Operations

Module B – Functions of Banks

Module C – Banking Technology

Module D – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

Paper III: Accounting and Financial Management of Banking

Module A – Accounting Principles and Processes

Module B – Financial Statements and Core Banking Systems

Module C – Financial Management

Module D – Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing

JAIIB Mock Tests


Paper IV: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Module A – Retail Banking

Module B – Retail Products and Recovery

Module C – Support services – Marketing of Banking Services/Products

Module D – Wealth Management

JAIIB Exam March Registration Date 2024

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 05 March-11 March 2024

Normal Examination Fees

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 12 March-18 March 2024

Normal Examination Fees plus 100

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 19 March-27 March 2024

Normal Examination Fees plus 200


The second round of the JAIIB exam will be conducted in August 2024. The details of JAIIB August Registration 2024 have been tabulated below-

JAIIB Exam August Registration Date 2024

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 01 August-07 August 2024

Normal Examination Fees

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 08 August-14 August 2024

Normal Examination Fees plus 100

IIBF JAIIB Registration from 15 August-21 August 2024

Normal Examination Fees plus 200


Exam Name


Application Fee


1st attempt

Rs. 5000/-

2nd attempt

Rs. 1300/-

3rd attempt

Rs. 1300/-

4th attempt

Rs. 1300/-

5th attempt

Rs. 1300/-

Plus GST as applicable


JAIIB 2024 Exam Date

IIBF conducts the JAIIB Exam twice a year, in May-June and October-November. IIBF has released the JAIIB Exam Schedule on its official website

JAIIB Exam Date 2024

Indian Economy & Financial System

25 May 2024 20 October 2024

Principles & Practices of Banking

26 May 2024

26 October 2024

Accounting & Financial Management of Banking

2 June 2024

27 October 2024

Retail Banking & Wealth Management 8 June 2024

09 November 2024


Pass JAIIB in 7 Days

Candidates who are willing to appear in the JAIIB exam this is the time to start your journey fuelled with dedication and consistency. Seize the opportunity and start preparing for the JAIIB exam for better career growth.


1. How many papers are there in the JAIIB exam?

The JAIIB exam consists of 4 papers – Indian Economy and Indian Financial System, Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting and Finance for Bankers, and Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

2. How do I register for the JAIIB 2024 exam?

To register for the JAIIB 2024 exam, candidates must visit the IIBF’s official website and complete the online registration process.

3. Can private bank employees take the JAIIB exam?

Ans. Yes, any employee working in either public or private s ector bank is eligible to appear for the JAIIB but they must be registered as an ordinary member of the IIBF and have 12th or its equivalent.

4. What are the registration dates for the first session JAIIB Exam 2024?

  • From 05 March to 11 March 2024
  • From 12 March to 18 March 2024
  • From 19 March to 27 March 2024


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