There are a number of coaching institutions for Certified Credit Professional 2022 Exams online as well as offline which are providing Coaching for various certification exams of IIBF. So, you must be having questions why Learning Sessions? We will give you not one but many as to why you should be joining Learning Sessions for your IIBF CCP Exam this 2022!


  • MOST REASONABLE COST: The study materials provided by learning sessions for the 2022 Certified Credit Professional Exam are listed at most reasonable! You can yourself check out the course listed on our website/Apps for Exam for they are available at the lowest prices in the market. 

So, if you decide to go for our CCP materials, you will not only be getting quality content but will also be getting it without feeling like you have spent a large portion of your salary on it! We assure you that it will be worth every rupee spent. 

  • FULL CCP SYLLABUS COVERAGE IN LESS TIME: Learning sessions tries to deliver the lectures of Certified Credit Professional in as less time as which can be managed without compromising in the syllabus or even quality of the syllabus that has been prescribed for CCP paper.

Learning sessions have always taken time as a precious thing which should not be wasted! Unlike other coaching institutes which take so much time for students to teach in completing the exam syllabus, the CCP lectures provided to you by Learning Sessions will take approximately 20 hours.

  • CONVENIENCE OF TIMING: The classes of Certified Credit Professional are available for online watch (Learning Sessions app, Learning Centre App – Android, & Learning Centre App – iOS). These are perfect for the bankers who don’t have the time to visit coaching centers. The classes for 2022 can be watched online at any time of the day. So, it will be convenient for the candidates to watch the lectures after getting off from their work. So, the schedule is very much manageable.
  • EASY REVISION: As you will be getting the recordings of CCP lectures, you can watch those classes any number of times. There is no restriction on the times that you can watch them! So, they are perfect to revise the CCP 2022 Syllabus too! And it’s unlike the live classes where sometimes it gets difficult for the candidates to follow the same schedule regularly. 
  • FULL SYLLABUS COVERAGE: The lectures cover the whole syllabus which is applicable for Certified Credit Professional 2022 (duly prescribed by IIBF). So, our material is enough for you to clear your CCP Exam this 2022. All the updates applicable for CCP will also be covered.
  • CONVENIENCE OF ACCESS: This study material made available for the candidate’s desiring to write their Bank’s CCP Exams in 2022 can be accessed via computer or laptop or android or iOS devices. One can login on our web portal or access the Certified Credit Professional Material through iOS application or our Android application

So, it’s not like if you do not have access to a computer or laptop that you cannot access Certified Credit Professional’s study material.

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  • NO NEED TO LOOK FOR EXTRA STUFF: The Certified Credit Professional candidates who join Learning Sessions do not need to read any extra stuff for the 2022 CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL EXAM. All the banking related updates relevant for 2022 IIBF CCP will be duly provided/included in the study material. It will save a lot of your time because you will not be needed to visit so many websites & articles to look for updates which are relevant for your exam.
  • FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHICH LECTURE TO WATCH FIRST: The lectures that will be provided in study material of Certified Credit Professional Exam are duly named with their concept names. This provides flexibility to the candidates or we can say freedom to the 2022 CCP IIBF aspirants in selecting lectures they want to study first for revisions. 

So, this naming arrangement as per the topics instead of class numbers saves a lot of time of the candidates when they may not want to go through all the CCP lectures for whatever reason (might be they fully understood the concept & do not need to revise again or just want to prepare a particular concept first).

  • PACKS ACCORDING TO THE NEEDS OF CANDIDATES: If you want video lectures, you can buy our Video course of Certified Credit Professionals alone and if you want to buy our video classes along with MCQs, we also have that as a separate pack which has those two and if you only want the Question pack for your bank’s CCP exams, then we also have that. 

Or it could be that you want to self-study your CCP Syllabus or that you want to just prepare through CCP questions (MCQs) instead. And because learning sessions, classes or study material is available in different packs, it is easy to choose as per the individual needs. And for those candidates who only want our question sets of CCP 2022, they can buy the Mock Tests which contain 500+ questions along with their solutions. 

  • CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL LANGUAGE: 2022 Study Material of IIBF CCP Exams is available in only one language i.e Hindi (mixed with English).

As the Certified Credit Professional course from learning sessions are demanded by the bankers from all over India, its lectures have been recorded using our national language because it is most commonly used after considering the overall demand of the course.

Although if you want Certified Credit Professional classes in English language, you can ask for the same in the comment box which is available at the end of this article. We will consider your request for the same. 

  • CONCEPT CLARITY: Our utmost priority lies in clearing the topics and providing clarity of the subject to the candidates so that they can clear their CCP 2022 Exam in their first attempt. The concepts of CCP are explained by our experts who have years of teaching experience & has taught 125000+ students. So, we assure you that you will have your concepts cleared after going through our classes. This way lectures are quite easy to understand just for the IIBF aspirants.

The above-mentioned reasons have made Learning Sessions the first choice of candidates of Certified Credit Professional Exams for the preparation of this 2022 Exam.

So, if you are also looking for Certified Credit Professional materials, Learning Sessions is not only considered the best online coaching center but also known to provide reasonable or inexpensive or cheapest courses in the market! You need to check out our CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL portal or Learning Sessions app or IBPS Learning Center app.

To access Certified Credit Professional Portal/ learning Center app, you need to do: 

    • First you need to sign up using your e-mail ID by creating a password;
    • Go to the ‘Buy Pro’ Tab/ ‘Store’ section to browse through different listed CCP packs or courses on the portal/app. 
  • You also have the option to pay with a debit & credit card, wallet or Net Banking, UPI ID etc.
  • After successfully paying the pack amount, you just need to re-login after logging out from the application or CCP portal as the case may be. 

Accessing the Pack: After you have re-logged-in, go to the Video section to access your CCP Video pack & if its CCP Question Pack that you have purchased` you can go to the test/question section. We promise that you will be ready to get the upcoming CCPs this 2022 after going through our Certified Credit Professional lectures.

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Learning Sessions started from a YouTube channel by Mr. Ashish Jain in 2015 with just about 100 subscribers. Today, it has grown to be a family of 127000+ subscribers. And it can very well be said that 150000+ students have taken classes from Mr. Ashish Jain whether they were for JAIIB, CAIIB, Bank Promotion (IBPS) or other IIBF Certification Exams conducted all around the year.

To provide quality content for the Certified Credit Professional aspirants, Ashish sir has even quit his govt. job in PNB as a Credit Officer. He himself had cleared PO, JAIIB & CAIIB in his very first attempt. 

Now, Learning Sessions is making efforts to deliver & provide materials for bankers to help them become credit professionals so that they can work in the field of credit management in their banks.

Below are some of the reasons for why you will find Learning Sessions is the best coaching center for the preparation of your CCP Exam this 2022 & if you also plan to clear other certification exams of IIBF, we also have study material for those! 

Note: Just so you know, CCP exam registrations are going to start from 28.04.2022. You can find all the details regarding the registration and exam in this link.

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